BETH Antigen (Mutation Prediction & Antigen Design Solutions)
Forms of Services:
1. Mutation Prediction of Virus
(Likely mutations within 1 year or longer; likely loci and significance to immune response)
2. Vaccine Candidate Strain Selection
(Suggestion of most representative strain / broadest coverage for intended target, considering future viral evolution)
3. Comprehensive Antigen Design
(Services above with additional optimization, such as to your vaccine manufacture platform)
4. Co-development
5. Other services requested by clients
Viral mutations change the characteristics and antigen structures of viruses and may diminish the protection granted by your vaccine products. In particular, against fast mutating viruses such as Influenza and SARS-CoV-2, the circulating viruses could have already deviated significantly from your vaccine candidate during manufacture / clinical lead time, causing potential under-performance in clinical settings and real world outcome. At times, vaccine strains and antigens also require updates to prevent cumulative loss of effectiveness caused by continuous mutations, and the optimal selection or design of the new vaccine strain becomes a crucial issue.
Beth Bioinformatics developed AI solutions that could accurately predict future viral mutations through integrative bioinformatics modelling of genetic mutations and host immune responses. We take viral evolution information into consideration and provide antigen designs that could be more resilient to and perform better against potential future mutations. We could also provide antigen designs specifically targeting certain variants, or the dominant circulating strains in a region. Ultimately, our antigen solutions help our clients to improve the effectiveness of their vaccine products
Our technology has achieved remarkable accuracy on influenza vaccine strain prediction and could improve VE by around 20 percent. It is validated by prospective immunization experiments in mice models against the circulating influenza virus, while consistently outperforming the existing vaccine-in-use in both historical data and prospective prediction application.
Beth Antigen is applicable for all kinds of vaccine technology platform, and does not require replacements to your existing manufacture system, so you may comfortably try our service and experiment with it. Our service is currently available for Influenza, COVID-19, (RSV in near future) and other viruses demanded.
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