BETH In-silico Vaccine Effectiveness Evaluation Solutions
Forms of Services:
1. Real-time VE Estimation against new genetic variants in silico
(Against current circulating strains and other different strains of interest)
2. Estimation of VE of existing vaccines against any genetic variant
3. VE Consultation
(VE estimation and projection against potential future mutations, clinical trial design for optimized VE, suggestions for strategies etc.)
4. Co-development of antigen design towards VE maximization
5. Other services requested by clients
Vaccine effectiveness (or vaccine efficacy in experimental settings, VE) is the primary performance measurement of a vaccine product. Currently, VE could only be reliably obtained from clinical trials and real-world studies, particularly against a new circulating strain. Both methods require an extended period of time, monetary costs, and the prerequisite of actually manufactured product.
To solve this problem, BethBio’s team developed the world’s first accurate method to predict the VE of a vaccine against any given virus variants in-silico, using bioinformatics. The technology is able to calculate the likely range of VE of a vaccine against past, current circulating, and even hypothetical future virus variants, through analyzing genetic differences in key areas of antigen using bioinformatics. The VE estimation is also precisely adjusted for the differences between vaccines using different technologies.
With our services, you would be able to save plenty of resources and time from conducting repeated tests to find out the VE performance of different vaccine candidates. We could also help you assess VE differences against different circulating strains and the impact of potential future mutations on your product. This way, BethBio could assist your company to make informed decisions in vaccine formulation, anticipate the lifecycle of products correctly and plan for future updates to stay ahead of competition. On top of that, we also provide suggestions for our clients’ clinical trial designs to improve probability of achieving optimal VE outcome.
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