Codon Optimization & Deoptimization
1. Higher recoding capacity
Our patented method has higher recoding capacity, could achieve a higher codon adaptation index (CAI), while having less or similar CpG counts compared to other existing methods.
2. Tailored for specific vaccine platform
We design the most appropriate strategies of optimization or de-optimization for vaccine strains based on your vaccine production platforms or protein expression system.
3. Target protein selection
Evaluate and select target protein for antigen design. The gene segments in the viral genome encode proteins with different functions. Beth will develop different target protein optimization methods for the virus to suggest which group of proteins can be optimized to achieve the experimental goals most effectively.
Synonymous recoding of a pathogen genome can ensure that the adaptability of pathogens in a specific expression system is improved or reduced without changing the amino acid sequence and protein structure. It has been used for vaccines such as live attenuated vaccines, recombinant vaccines, and mRNA vaccines. BethBio is committed to providing the best optimization and de-optimization strategy for your vaccine strain in the direction of sequence structure and codon usage bias.
Traditional recoding techniques based on codon usage bias often fail to take into account the effect of changes in sequence structure on protein expression or virus replication. BethBio uses computational biology to comprehensively consider the sequence structure and the codon usage bias, and develop a new framework to provide the most effective vaccine optimization design for different expression systems and vaccine production platforms.
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